Tuesday, June 7, 2011


“Hey hippie…go put some f*****g real shoes on!” Actually I intend to wear my chacos through out my entire trip in Costa Rica, thank you very much. A shout out to the simpler life.

For those who haven’t heard, I have decided to embark on a crazy fun adventure, taking the next 3 months to travel through Costa Rica with my good friend Zach Milligan. Almost 6 months in the making, this trip is meant to be the un-classic young adult rebellion against the “system”. “Shouldn’t you be in college?” “Where are you going to work now that you are graduated?” “Did you start your career yet?” NO, NO, and NO!! We are young, reckless and ready to experience life before cultural society tells us we are supposed to be mature, with families, careers and all that shiz. I fully intend to go wherever Costa Rica takes us. Big cities, small villages, active volcanoes, rain forests, big rivers, and sandy beaches…I want it all.

The trip started a night earlier than expected while still back in Fort Collins. Zach and I will be accompanied on the way to Central America by a 9 year old joker, Adriana.  She is the daughter of Zach’s old boss from the daycare he worked at and was born and raised in Costa Rica.  We will be chaperoning her to her grandparents house, where she spends most of the summer. I planned on having a lax night at Adriana’s parents house before leaving way too early to catch our flight in Denver. Lisa and Alfonso had other plans. After a quick Skype call to Alfonzo’s parents, who we will spend the weekend with in the capitol San Jose, the drinks started flowing. “Drink up because this is the last good beer you will have for a while.” After 3 hours of information on what and what not to do down there, we finally called it a night.

Now, with our over-stuffed backpacks in the cargo bin as well as a massive box filled with outfits and hats for a Costa Rican wedding/carnival, I am ready. A little nervous but definitely ready.

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  1. Get into it dude. I am excited for you. Kick ass and take numbers and enjoy some int'l travel/living. And stay in touch and be safe. Love you man!